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ECOMESH Hybrid solar panel

Hybrid solar panels produce electricity and hot water simultaneously. The combination of both technologies allows a better use of the irradiation, producing more energy per surface than both technologies separately.

The second generation ECOMESH hybrid panels incorporate a front cover of innovative technology patented by EndeF (TIC technology) that maximizes its thermal production and makes them suitable for cold climates.

The cooling produced by the water circuit improves the photovoltaic performance, improving its efficiency up to 15% compared to a traditional photovoltaic panel.

Data Sheet
Hybrid solar panel

and developed in Spain

In EndeF we care about the quality of our products and we work every day to always offer the highest quality. ECOMESH PVT-2 Hybrid solar panel is manufactured in our facilities, where we can control every step of the process and ensure that it meets the quality standards of the European Union.

The result is a compact, safe and reliable hybrid solar panel that works under the most adverse conditions, always ensuring optimum energy efficiency.

ECOMESH PVT-2 Hybrid solar panel.
TIC Technology

The ECOMESH PVT-2 Hybrid solar panel incorporates TIC technology, an innovative roof system developed and patented by EndeF. The use of the TIC (Transparent Insulating Cover) involves incorporating a layer on the front of the panel that captures the sun’s rays, reducing reflection losses.

With this, the thermal performance of the panel is significantly improved, maximizing its production of hot water and placing it as one of the most competitive in the market.

Reduced surface,
superior performance

The use of hybrid solar panels allows to reduce the required catchment area by up to 40% compared to traditional solar systems, composed of photovoltaic modules and thermal collectors. If we also incorporate the TIC technology of our ECOMESH hybrid panel, that percentage increases thanks to the superior performance of our panel.

As a consequence, we produce more energy with the same installed surface, reducing the user’s energy expenditure and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The ECOMESH PVT-2 hybrid solar panel has a smaller surface, but a higher performance than its competitors.

Improves the high temperature
performance of the collectors

The TIC technology implemented in our hybrid ECOMESH panels reduces losses on the front panel face, maximizing the radiation absorbed.

This system raises the working temperature of the panel and allows to supply ACS at a higher temperature than other hybrid solar panels on the market.

Why install
Ecomesh solar panels?

In a country like Spain, where we have a large number of hours of solar radiation, opting for solar energy is a guarantee of success, both economic and environmental.

Installing ECOMESH hybrid solar panels is, without a doubt, the best way to take advantage of it. Able to generate electricity and heat in almost half the space of a separate photovoltaic and thermal installation, ECOMESH hybrid solar panels maximize energy production per m2, thereby reducing the energy expenditure each month and the associated CO2 emissions.

With the installation of ECOMESH second generation hybrid solar panels, savings in the energy bill and the conservation of the environment are effective from the first day.