We offer different services that cover all the steps of the process, from project design to legalization of solar systems. Our team of engineers responds and offers solutions to any need related to solar energy and energy efficiency.

From the design phase to the execution phase, our engineers propose improvements to the project by implementing the most innovative and efficient solutions.


Energy audit

At EndeF we carry out an in-depth study of a building in order to discover a series of opportunities for saving in energy efficiency. It is about the elaboration of an action plan, arisen as a result of a previous study, where different measures are proposed to apply in a building and achieve a lower and more efficient energy consumption. Whether you are a company or a neighborhood community, the savings potential of this service is highly interesting if you are looking to achieve real energy efficiency.

Isolated photovoltaic projects

Either due to the high cost of joining the electricity grid or for ethical reasons, at EndeF we are aware of the difficulty for many people of having electricity at all remote points where there is no connection to the grid. At EndeF we offer different solutions that satisfy this need in an effective way and with total transparency towards the client.

Self-consumption photovoltaic projects

At EndeF we know that the energy future goes through the transition to the energy model of self-consumption, so we offer the execution of projects for all those who choose it.

Solar pumps

For those farms that are not connected to the electricity grid, EndeF offers different solutions based on solar pumping. Through photovoltaic solar energy, we make possible to extract water from wells, save the unevenness of a river or even change the type of agriculture from rainfed to irrigated.

Thermal solar energy projects

In collaboration with engineering and architecture, EndeF propose different alternatives that try to satisfy the important demand for hot water at low temperatures. Among others, sanitary running water (DHW), for any industrial processes or for pool heating, at EndeF we design solutions that avoid heating water through solar energy.