About us

EndeF is a company born in 2012 with the aim of becoming a benchmark for solar technological innovation, through the offer of innovative solutions focused on renewable energies and energy efficiency.

sale el sol en el horizonte

"Bringing solar energy into the hands of the people"


To Innovate and develop solar technology to bring renewable energy closer to people.


To make the world a sustainable and 100 % renewable place thanks to the use of solar energy


  • Transparency and honesty: We build trust through the use of truth. Our proposal is always 100% adapted to the needs and conditions of our clients.
  • Innovation: With R&D ahead, we always offer the most innovative solutions with the aim of adapting as much as possible to what our clients really need.
  • Commitment: We have the duty to protect and safeguard the world in which we live. Therefore, our commitment to the environment and to society is evident in each of our actions.
  • Continuous improvement: Every day we face new and complicated challenges. Overcoming is part of our DNA and, ultimately, it is what moves us. And we like it.

Energy consumption keeps on growing day by day and the time to become awareness and bet for the planet future has come; if we want to contribute to sustainable development, we have to look towards energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.

Sustainable development is that one capable of meeting current needs without compromising the resources and possibilities of future generations. At EndeF we want to contribute as we know best: striving every day to develop and implement solutions based on solar energy.

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Oscar Puyal


Alex Rangil


Javier Sebastián


Julia Peromarta


Raúl Villén

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Sandra Gracia


Alberto Fernández

Oficina Técnica

Isabel Guedea​


Iván Aguilar


Yolanda Lara


Pablo Sebastián


Gonzalo Brun


Sofía Serrano


Adriana Coca


Juan Izurzu


Raquel Simón


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