From EndeF, we want to help you to find the solution that best allows you to take advantage of a clean and profitable source of energy such as the solar, whatever your project is.

That is the reason why we adapt to you working in the 5 commercial lines that will best respond to your savings needs at home and in your company.

After years of research and development of new prototypes, at EndeF we have managed to combine photovoltaic and thermal generation in a single panel. Manufactured by EndeF. Find out which hybrid solar panel model best suits your needs..

Icono descriptivo panel solar híbrido con energía eléctrica y calor en un mismo módulo
Electricity and heat in a single module/panel
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We are future.


EndeF has a clear vocation of research, development and innovation. Beyond the application of existing solutions, we aim to develop innovative products that place us at the technological forefront.

For achive it, we collaborate and work closely with universities, companies and advanced research centers, both national and international.

We make your home or your business a more sustainable and efficient place by monitoring your energy consumption. Thanks to our intelligent management systems you can save and make more rational use of energy.

EndeF has a team of highly qualified engineers and doctors who will respond to any need related to solar energy and energy efficiency. One of our most competitive qualities is our ability to adapt to different people, problems, specifications, or regulations.

We can provide profitable and sustainable solutions to any proposal that falls into our hands, no matter how specific they are.