The continuous social, economic and technological development where we live, added to the environmental problems caused by the excessive use of energy, mean that more and more progress is required in its control and management. Wich is the same as, empower people to manage the energy they consume.

Manage your own energy

Intelligent energy management systems

This management systems are software applications designed to understand and reduce energy and consumption costs in buildings, communities and companies.

These applications collect information on energy consumption and use it for 3 main purposes:

  • Record of consumption: to know it and make it visible to users.
  • Consumption optimization: adapting rates, reducing phantom consumption, allowing to know when to consume cheaper.
  • Execution of actions to improve energy efficiency: thanks to the knowledge of consumption, you can decide wisely where to invest in energy efficiency.

Free Software for the energy sector

Our customers trust us because of the company’s commitment to free software and solutions based on the latest Internet of Things trends, or as we call it Internet of Energy (IoE).

This area of work aims to contribute to a more sustainable world.  From EndeF we believe that the best way to respond to the social need for energy control is allowing intelligent control systems  to be accessible to both citizens and social organizations and companies. To achive it, we have developed a software free of license fees , which can be legally modified and adapted to any need. Just by this way, the projects that society requires can be launched, with people as the main characters.

Customized solutions

Within the framework of free software, there are stable and quality applications that we complement with our own developments. From this framework, We study your needs to give you an open solution that helps you make more rational use of energy, wherever you are