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Renewable Energy

What do we offer?

  • Solar thermal energy projects

In collaboration with engineering and architectures, at EndeF we propose different alternatives that allow to satisfy all that demand of hot water at low temperature. Regardless it is for sanitary water (SHW), for industrial processes of all kinds or for conditioning of swimming pools, at EndeF we design solutions that allow the heating of water through solar energy.

  • Photovoltaic isolated solar energy projects

Independently it is because of the high cost of joining the electric grid or the desire to achieve sustainable energy independence, we are aware of the difficulty for many people to be able to have electricity at all those points where there is no connection to the grid. That is why at EndeF we offer different solutions that satisfy this lack of an efficient way and with total transparency for the client.

  • Self-consumption photovoltaic solar energy projects

Countries like Germany or USA, where conditions are not as favorable as in Spain as far as solar energy is concerned, are increasingly opting for this type of energy as a source of savings in the electricity bill. At EndeF we know that the energy future is going through the transition to this energy model so we offer the execution of projects for all those who opt for self-consumption.

  • Solar pumping

For those agricultural holdings that are not connected to the electricity grid, EndeF offers different solutions based on solar pumping. Through photovoltaic solar energy, we make possible the extraction of the water from the wells, save the slope from a river or even change the type of agriculture from rainfed to irrigated.

  • Legalization of solar installations

According to Royal Decree 900/2015, which directly affects the supply of electricity with self-consumption and production with self-consumption, solar installations must be validated and registered for their common use. At EndeF we offer this service and we help you to comply with legal requirements, complex and slow process that we expedite and resolve satisfactorily.

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